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    Farmer to Fisherman – Tour new


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    Farmer to Fisherman – Tour new Empty Farmer to Fisherman – Tour new

    Post by travelvietss on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:49 am

    Hoi An Day Trips :Farmer to Fisherman

    Vietnam trip,farming to Fishing the very special tour which is promised to bring visitors the most beautiful sceneries of the countryside of the Farmer and Fishermen life in Hoi An town – Viet Nam. By exploring the typical and narrow roads along the countryside by bicycle to see such as water buffalos, rice paddle field, plenty of organic vegetables and local farming people, you will be amazed to realize how peaceful sceneries and friendly people are. Touching into the local fishing life by using the fishing net, riding funny basket boat and visiting water palm coconut paradise and learning history of Vietnamese people throughout daily activity is a great thing to experience. From Farmer to Fisherman tour will be the special and unique tour that is committed to providing you “ A unique cultural window into the Vietnamese way of life”.

    Farmer to Fisherman – Tour new Famer_fisherman_hoian

    Start from your hotel in Hoian, riding to the beautiful village over small beautiful narrow roads to visit countryside life views such as rice paddle fields, water buffalos, bamboo bridges, local farmers on farming shrimp on the daily works. Learning and sharing local farming life experience with local the farmer at a vegetable village such as hoeing sand, watering vegetable. Getting on board to arriving the Mouth of the Cua Dai sea where the end of Hoi An river meets the sea, getting to along the coastline visiting the local fishing life. Learning and sharing fishing experience with local fishermen by joining and catching fish with unique fishing nets.

    Farmer to Fisherman – Tour new Hoian2

    - Learning how to ride funny round boat (basket boat)
    - Getting back boat to discover the water palm coconut canal paradise
    - Hearing and learning about Viet Nam War between The Viet Cong local guerillas and The American southern troops with its interesting & true stories about the Vietnam war time from 1968 till 1972
    - Meeting and seeing the former Viet Cong guerilla soldiers, hearing more exciting story about Viet Cong life soldiers then.

    Keep discovering the beautiful water coconut palm canal paradise by watching birds, observing the fishing life along the palm canal paradise by basket boats to learn about local fishing people Back Vietnam Eco tour
    boat by basket boats to enjoy great seafood meal from "The End of The world restaurant” served on eco-tour boat. Back to hotel by bicycles.

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