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    How to get your off on the right foot


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    How to get your off on the right foot Empty How to get your off on the right foot

    Post by susan1304 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:48 am

    Let's face it, when it comes to overseas travel, so many things can make your trip a hassle. Instead of a merry adventure in an exotic tropical locale on the other side of the world, your trip can easily become an ordeal if you don't make the right preparations. It is just too bad that too many people ignore basic travel precautions. This leads to too many trips being cut short. Otherwise, it leads to a less than pleasant travel experience. If you want your trip to Vietnam to be something you would proudly post about on your Facebook wall, here are some basic steps you need to take to get your trip off on the right foot.

    Get ready for an upset stomach

    Whether you are traveling to Mexico, Vietnam, China, or even Europe, you may face some digestive problems. The truth is that all our food, regardless of where we are, are crawling with surface bacteria and other microscopic bugs. This is unavoidable. While most people have guts that can handle this, many people have a tougher time adjusting to local food-borne bacteria. Many have very sensitive stomachs and local food and water might not agree well with their digestive system. Don't let loose bowels and frequent trips to the bathroom ruin your trip. Pack some Maalox or other stomach lining solutions to upset stomach. Enjoy the food in your vietnam tour without having to worry you'll get sick.

    Bring some power

    While it's not exactly on the same level as puking your guts out or spending countless hours on the ceramic throne, running out of battery power is a big problem many travelers experience when traveling abroad. Your vietnam tour can easily turn into a headache and a hassle if your movements and actions are limited because you're trying to save your battery life. Nothing is worse than having to second guess yourself as to which picture to take. Don't limit your pictures. Capture the essence of your travels by snapping away at everything and anything. You can also sort through your pictures and delete later. The key to savoring the memory of your vietnam tour is to document as many details of your trip as possible. This is the best way you can fully experience your vietnam tour and turn your travel into a real adventure. When you don't have to worry about running out of battery power, you can actually pay more attention to more details since you have to take pictures of them. Along the way, you deepen your enjoyment and appreciation of even the smallest details of your trip. It all begins with packing enough batteries.

    Pack your toiletries

    Depending on your accommodations, it is very easy to get homesick. It is too easy to miss the familiar brands of toiletries and other reminders of home during your vietnam tour. If you don't feel too comfortable about brushing with local toothpaste or using local toiletries, be proactive and pack these items before you go on your trip.

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