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    3 Key Things To Do On The Ferry at Your Halong Cruise


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    3 Key Things To Do On The Ferry at Your Halong Cruise Empty 3 Key Things To Do On The Ferry at Your Halong Cruise

    Post by susan1304 on Fri May 03, 2013 11:56 am

    Do you really need to be reading this list? I can hear you ask this question as you read the title. 'Things to do on a halong cruise?' Seriously? Well, yes, we're serious. Why? People automatically assume that just because they go on a trip like a halong cruise or a backpacking trip or a road trip, they automatically know what to do. Well, it's not that simple. Sure, you know what to do in the first hour or even the first day. After that time, though, you are in danger of getting bored and guess what, you end up doing the same stuff you did previously. In fact, for most travelers, they end up wasting their time for most of their trips. They just do the same stuff over and over and wonder, at the end of the trip, where all the time went. This is a very common question. If you don't want to waste your time and your hard-earned money on your trip to the other end of the world, you only need to do the following things so you can truly get as much value from your trip to Halong bay and Vietnam. It's all about getting the most bang for your buck. It's your choice. You can do it the lazy way, or you can truly gain a unique traveling perspective. The choice is yours.

    Spend as much time on the deck as possible

    Many ferries have interiors and exteriors. You are more than welcome to spend your Halong cruise inside the four walls of the enclosed upper deck or you can let your hair down and spend as much time on the deck as possible. Is there a difference? Like night and day, you better believe it. The truth is, spending your halong cruise inside the enclosed deck is like trying to eat a sumptuous meal with a dental dam. Sure, you can do it but do you really want to? After all, you want to enjoy yourself, right? What's a little heat, a little glare, and a little sea spray when it comes to viewing the wonderful sights of halong bay? Live a little. Hit the deck!

    Get off the boat

    Many Halong cruise packages stop by some coastal towns on Halong bay. These are not optional stops. You should get out and get a feel for the local culture and local flavor. Force yourself to do it. It may be a hassle, and you'd rather hang out on the ferry but you would be cheating yourself. The whole point of your halong cruise is to experience a whole new culture and a whole new lifestyle. Get a full whiff of it by getting off the ferry and mixing it up with the locals at the local scene.

    Eat local food

    Many travelers have this preference for 'official' cuisine. They want the santized, vacumm-packed, glossy 'ethnic' food hotels serve. Guess what? If you truly want to suck up the local ambience and get a feel for the local cuisine and culture, you have to hit the streets. That's right-street food is your best way of viewing life along the stops of your halong cruise like the locals do. As long as you have packed the right medicines and had your shots, what's the harm of trying a little bit of the local tastes, flavor, and color? Eat local food and live a little, will ya?

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